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Hello and welcome! I am a baby boomer which means I have many more years behind me than I do years ahead.  This fact doesn’t alarm me except when I think about any possibility of living out my remaining years in poor health. I realize heredity and genes play a role in one’s predisposition to some health issues, but I also believe that with a healthy diet and exercise some of the conditions I might face can be avoided. In today’s environment, getting the best nutrition from foods we eat is not possible due in large part to depleted soil levels. Synthetics and chemicals used in food production and preservation are further reasons to rule out maintaining good health through diet alone. The best solution I reached was to supplement my diet with high quality products designed to establish and maintain optimum health. But where to start when searching for the best products to supplement my diet?

Importance of gut health…………

In May, 2017 I learned about the role my gut plays in overall health. The facts and information I have discovered since May about poor gut health have been eye opening! Why was this something I had not heard about when I was younger? By sharing what I am learning, could I provide a service to others who are now in their prime as well as to those like me who are aging?  Could some of the health issues we face such as anxiety, depression, arthritis, autoimmune diseases just to  name a few, be related directly to poor gut health?  Could poor concentration, lack of ability to focus and poor energy levels be connected to poor gut health?

My mission………….

This site was created to help me in my mission to provide information about gut health. I will be sharing this information through blog posts as well as information about products I have found to work for me in achieving and maintaining a healthy gut. There are many supplements on the market alleging to optimize one’s health, and many of them may be totally awesome. During my lifetime I have tried different products designed to tackle one problem or another.  More often I would have to take so many different supplements to individually address each health issue.  I had never found products targeted specifically to promote gut health.  As you read and research this, you too will be amazed how much influence an unhealthy gut has on one’s overall health!  By getting my gut in order, so many of the health issues I had are now nonexistent or under control.

During your visits with me here, your questions and comments are welcomed! And if what you learn changes your health and life for the better, I will feel so thankful I could make a positive difference in your life and the lives of those you love!

18 thoughts on “Journey To Good Gut Health

  1. I think it’s a great idea to start a website that focuses on the importance of gut health. We don’t hear much from the public about the role our gut plays in maintaining our overall health.

    So I hope that you will post very informative articles on various aspects of dieting, exercise, and of course, gut health.

    All the best!

    • Thank you for your comments. I too feel this subject of gut health is not discussed enough in the health community.  With such a large percentage of our immune system centered in the gut, we all should be working toward the best health possible in this part of our body. 

  2. Hey there! I really appreciate your website. My dad has a problem in his guts and I think that this website will help him to treat his problems. Him being my father increases my risk of getting gut health. And discovering this website will surely help me prevent it. Thank you for sharing this information and website. I hope that more people notice the importance of the gut in our health.

    • John, this comment is music to my ears!  My mission with this site is to educate people about the importance of establishing and maintaining gut health.  As you share this information with your father, please have him contact me with any questions.  I really want to help as many people as I can!

  3. Hi Ann, I found your site absolutely fascinating as I can relate to it. I take a probiotic every day to help with gut health and I try to eat a healthy diet, not just for gut health but also to maintain a good physique as I go to gym 6 days a week. I have removed refined flours and sugars from my diet and found that has helped but I love the way you have really researched your niche and are putting up some amazing information.

    • Sue, you are doing so many of the right things to keep your body and mind healthy! Your comment reinforces what I am trying to share with people in the aging phase of their lives who perhaps think it’s too late to improve their health. I certainly wish I had begun earlier in life to be focused on the health of my gut! But I am a testament to the fact that it’s not too late to make positive changes!

  4. This is something that I ought to look into as I am in the same age bracket as yourself but I am too busy being young and looking forward to many more years yet. I have found out what I can and can’t eat to maintain my weight and health at a certain level and that makes me happy. I enjoyed reading your topic as it is something that we should pay more attention to.


    • Geoff, I love your attitude! I too love life and enjoy “being young” in mind and body. Unfortunately, many people in our age group cannot make this statement because physical and mental incapacities have become a norm for them. And also unfortunately, many of these people do not realize how to make changes in their diets to ward off some of their incapacities. My mission is to hopefully lead them to make changes to improve their lives by improving their health.

  5. Hi Ann, I like your topic. That’s very interesting and attractive. I am eager to learn more about your experience and the reason and how we could better solve this gut problem. My son has been had his gut problem for some times. Your blogs helped a lot. Thanks

    • Helen, I am truly delighted that some of the information I have provided thus far has helped you and your son! My intent when I began this site was to do just that! I will be continuing to share information about gut health and actions you can take to help your son without resorting to antibiotics or other prescription drugs if at all possible. Your comment has made my day!

  6. Hey, there! I’m so glad I came across your site on gut health. I agree with you 100% that, if we have a healthy gut, we have a healthier body. Presently, I’m taking probiotics and find that it has done wonders. I think the major culprit in making our guts unhealthy is the consumption of sugar. Do you agree?

    • Barb, the abundance of sugar that is not natural sugar from fruits, vegetables, dairy and some grains in our diets is certainly a major factor in keeping a gut unhealthy.  You are doing a very smart thing by taking a probiotic daily!   

  7. I think about a lot of health issues getting older but I never thought about the health of my gut.
    There are so many diseases today that I never thought that anything could be related to the gut.
    I’m sure it all comes down to what ou eat and exercise because everyone does.
    Would you agree that a plant based diet might help?

    • Rob, a diet consisting primarily of only organically grown fruits and vegetables, the highest quality meats and seafood, no junk foods or processed foods, and a very low intake of foods high in carbohydrates and sugars would certainly be a positive step to establishing and maintaining a healthy gut.  Since I have major reservations about current food production methods and growing mediums, I include high quality supplements in my diet to make up for deficiencies present. It would be so wonderful if we could get all the nutrients we need in the foods we eat, but unfortunately for most of us that just doesn’t happen.  There are some who grow their own vegetables, grow their own fruit trees and bushes, raise their own meat sources, and then put in all the time daily to juice and to prepare the food in the most healthy ways possible.  Unfortunately, I cannot be one of these people, even though I know how important a healthy gut is to my overall wellbeing.  Adding supplements to my diet has made all the difference in the world in my health!

  8. Enjoyed your article very much. It makes such sense to start with the gut after all it is the distributor of all “fuel” taken into the body.

    It has to be clean and healthy.

    We wouldn’t place poison in our gut, obviously, we know what will happen to our bodies. So the adverse must also be true.

    Thank you for the post, it has really made me think !!

    Could you recommend a good supplement to start with?

    • Roy, I certainly appreciate your comments and encouraged to hear my message is getting out there!  There are so many supplements, many of which may be excellent.  In May 2017, I was introduced to Plexus products which have made an incredible difference in my overall health and well-being.  So since these have worked so well for me, they are the ones I can confidently suggest.  I will let you know that while I became an Ambassador with this company for the purpose of getting my products at the best price, I still can honestly say these are the best products I have found.  Please let me know of any other questions you may have.


  9. When it comes to healthy living I Believe that all of us should take a great interest because when it comes to our health it is so important. you have a very interesting and unique website That I am sure will be of great help to all of us that seeks to have us maintain good health, so what I want to say is keep the good news coming.

    • Norman, thanks so much for your comments!  I do hope the information I am learning about the importance of maintaining a healthy gut will benefit everyone really interested in staying healthy.  So glad you enjoyed visiting my site!

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