Healthy Gut Food: Chicken Hash With Butternut Squash and Kale

Healthy Gut Food: Chicken Hash With Butternut Squash

Don’t you just love one-dish meals–especially when you know they contain healthy gut food!  Here is a recipe which serves up nutritious vegetables and protein-packed chicken.  The dish is full of flavor and is so simple to make.  It also holds up well for several days in the refrigerator, making it great for packing for lunches. […]

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Enjoy Gut Healthy Food – Mexican Skillet Dinner Recipe

Healthy Gut Food: Mexican Skillet Dinner

I love one-dish meals–especially when they are such gut healthy food as this Mexican Skillet Dinner!  One-dish meals are so very convenient; there’s usually very little clean-up required; and the flavor blends of the ingredients are awesome.  A friend who is a personal trainer and a proponent of all-things-healthy shared this recipe for a nutritious south-of-the-border skillet dinner.  This Mexican […]

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A Healthy Gut Diet Plan–Does It Exist?

The Gut Health Diet Plan Book

I am always amazed when someone maintains they eat “healthy” but all the while are experiencing so many symptoms and diseases associated with an unhealthy gut. If their healthy gut diet plan was a reality, my hat would be off to them. But sadly, this is not the case most of the time. Research has proven that a healthy gut diet should contain at […]

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