Diet Tips and Recipes Focused On A Healthy Gut

A healthy gut begins with putting the right foods into our bodies.  Since most of us do not always routinely make this choice, I thought it might help to provide some diet tips and gut-healthy recipes to provide guidance.  Organic foods are touted to be the best type of food to eat.  However, due to cost and availability, this option is not always possible.  There are diet tips and recipes using foods that may not be organic but which can still benefit anyone conscious about establishing and maintaining a healthy gut.  Whether eating organic foods or other healthy foods, I am not confident that foods grown today are of the same quality as those grown in days of our ancestors.  The soils are depleted of rich natural nutrients.  And the increased use of chemicals and preservatives in food production introduces additives that throw our digestive systems out of whack.   This is why I feel confident about adding proper supplements to my diet to make up for these deficiencies.  The supplements keep my gut flora in balance so that my immune system and brain function continue to be healthy in the event my diet is substandard.

Diet tips and recipes I post are included with regular blogs.

I am always interested in your comments.  Do you feel the foods of today provide all the nutrients needed to maintain a healthy gut?  Do you add supplements to your diet to make up for what it may lack in nutrients needed to keep your gut healthy?  You can leave any questions and comments in the area beneath each blog.