The Importance of Gut Health As Our Bodies Embrace The Gift Of Life

I have created this page to provide information I’m learning about the importance of gut health as I continue my personal journey to better health. Most of my life, I have been blessed with good health. As I am getting older, there are changes occurring that I excused as simply the natural aging process. But I am finding that many of the changes such as increasing size of my mid-section, inability to stay asleep at night, waking up feeling exhausted as though my night’s sleep was more like a nap, very irregular bathroom habits, etc., are changes I do not have to accept as “normal.” I try to eat a balanced diet daily but establishing a structured exercise program has never been a priority. And it seems during the past few years my “sweet tooth” has taken over my entire mouth! How easy it would be to slip into the mindset of, “What the heck! I’m 68 so what’s the point of working so hard to improve my health!” Sound familiar? 

Love your body by keeping it healthy!

Our bodies are magnificent creations which embrace the gift of life. It is every person’s responsibility to love, nourish and maintain this gift. It’s incredulous and sad at the same time how this responsibility is most often ignored and dismissed with such lame excuses as: “I don’t have the money” or “I don’t have the time”. Maybe people who use these excuses know something I do not–like maybe a second journey through life with a different body is possible. Just food for thought as one fills the grocery cart with sodas and chips and cookies and all kinds of processed foods!

Why did I create this site?

The focus in my blog posts will be concerning “gut health.”  My research on this topic has been fascinating.  For the first time since I turned 50 years of age and entered the period of life when undesirable health concerns reared their ugly heads, I am feeling optimistic and relieved I have found help that works for me!


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