Where To Start To Improve Gut Health

Have I piqued your interest enough to be concerned about your own gut health?  There is so much information available on gut health, and more information coming to light every day.  As medical studies focus on the subject, the question is no longer does the gut factor into our overall well being, but rather to what extent could the health of one’s gut contribute to some of the illnesses and diseases with which we suffer.  When I began researching gut health in relation to some of the medical issues I was experiencing, I was overwhelmed and wondering, “Where do I begin in my journey to better gut health?”

There are books available on various aspects of gut health, and to read some of them as a beginning reference might be something to consider.  Gut health influences so many diseases such as autoimmune diseases, stress and anxiety issues, depression, digestive problems, arthritis, asthma, and the list goes on and on.  Find a book that relates to issues you might have and see if your unhealthy gut may be contributing to the problems.

Not every diet or supplement on the market will work for every individual.  Personally, I do not feel diet alone can be the sole method of getting and keeping a healthy gut.  The depleted soil for growing fruits and vegetables, the chemicals used in food production along with all the preservatives added do not guarantee a completely nutritious, healthy source of the good bacteria we need to put into our gut.  So I use high quality supplements to ensure the right nutrients, minerals, enzymes, etc. are getting into my gut to maintain the balance required for efficiency.  If you are able to limit your daily diet to only organically grown fruits and vegetables, the highest quality meats and seafood, no junk foods or processed foods, and a very low intake of foods high in carbohydrates and sugars, that may be your answer!  If not, educate yourself about other solutions available.

Continue to see books, recommended quality dietary supplements and dietary tips and recipes–all provided to educate and encourage you to begin your journey to good gut health.


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